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Mountain Ocean Skin Trip lotion


I had run out of my usual Neutrogena Moisture Wrap lotion and was looking to try something new. I running errands at Whole Foods and I decided to try out Mountain Ocean Skin Trip lotion. I remember reading about some celebrity using it in one of those “what’s in your bathroom” features, and yah know I’m a sucker for those sorts of things. (Why did I go all Minnesotan there?!) Inner monologue: “Oh Kate Bosworth uses it*?! She’s cool and “knows stuff”. It must be good.” Now that my ramblings are out of the way here are my thoughts.


  • Smells great! It has a light scent of coconut, which I really like. My husband also told me I smelled nice. Score!
  • Absorbs quickly and is non-greasy.
  • Good, natural ingredients. I really appreciate that they list each ingredient and explain what it is and where it comes from.
  • Leaves my skin soft.


  • This is just personal preference, but in the winter I like my lotions/creams/butters to be really thick. Skin Trip was a bit too thin and that leads me to…
  • I’m going through this bottle super fast. I’m already half way through the bottle and I’ve only had it for a couple weeks. Maybe I’m being excessive because it is the winter and I’m drier, but I feel like I’m going through a bottle of lotion faster than normal.

So in conclusion, would I buy Mountain Ocean Skin Trip lotion again? Absolutely, but I think I would purchase it in the summer months.

*Disclaimer: I have no idea if Kate Bosworth uses Mountain Ocean Skin Trip. But if we were girlfriends shopping at Whole Foods in L.A., I would tell her to buy it!


    • It’s been awhile since I’ve used lotions from Lush. I used to love Dream Cream! Which ones do you like, my dear?! I might need to go back there and pick some up when I use up Skin Trip. Thanks for the reminder!

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