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New Year Goals

I don’t like making New Year’s resolutions and I stopped making them several years ago. Maybe it’s how I think of them in my head, they’re too broad and lofty and that is the perfect set-up for failure. There’s nothing more depressing to set out to do something positive and feel like a failure and give up a month later. Several years ago I started to make lists of goals I wanted to accomplish instead. They could be anything I wanted to learn to do, make, a travel destination, etc. It was a fun list to make and I’ve kept up the tradition.  The great thing is if the goal isn’t accomplished, I don’t feel like I’ve failed, I just didn’t have the time or resources to do them an they remain on the list to do the following year.

My very wise friend, Anna, told me the best way to ensure that you reach your goals is to make them very specific, break down the steps to achieve them and schedule the steps into your calendar. She’s totally right! If this goal is just floating around in my head, I’m more likely not to do anything about it. But if I have it in my calendar to apply eyeliner for a half hour at Noon on Saturday, well then I’ll most likely succeed in my goal to master the art of applying liquid eyeliner! Without further ado, here are my goals for 2014!


1. Master applying liquid eyeliner – I’m terrible at applying eyeliner. I find it really difficult to apply it due to my poor eyesight. I have to get really close to the mirror to see and can do an alright job on the right eye, but my left one is another matter. I propose to practice twice a week, but first I need some tools. A make-up artist suggested I get a magnifying mirror (but also made me promise never to use it to pluck my eyebrows) and I need to stock up on some liquid eyeliner. Does anyone have any recommendations of their favorite eyeliners?

2. Travel somewhere new – Most years I like to list a specific place I want to visit, but this year I don’t really care where I go, I just want it to be somewhere new and where a friend lives. I’m lucky to have some good friends living in some amazing cities! Denver and L.A. are at the top of my list.

3. Buy a disco ball – This one is completely random and silly. I have always loved disco balls, I love disco music too. For my 16th birthday, I requested that all my friends give me disco albums. Perfect excuse to shake my tush! I’m not sure where I’d put a disco ball in my home, but wherever it goes it I will love it.

4. Build strong arms – Strong arms are sexy and I think my arms are pretty weak. I want to recommit going to go yoga twice a week and in addition buy some free weights. I’m not sure how I can measure this goal, maybe being able to do 20 push-ups, which right now seems un-doable for me.

5. Open my heart and let go of my fear of using my voice – This is a bit of a lofty one and rather resolution-esque, but whatevs, I can break my own rules! I haven’t been very honest here on Art Farm. It’s not that I have lied, but I feel like I have held my true self back and been very, very cautious. Too cautious! I used to blog a long time ago back when blogs felt like the Wild West. I was so excited to share ideas and didn’t hold back. I was really passionate about blogging, but then I burnt out. Blogs are very different now than they were back in 2005. They now have so much polish and it is admirable and envy educing at times, but it feels just a bit too perfect. It’s like everyone is trying to be their own Martha Stewart. It makes it hard to compete and also find the time. But I realize that I am not being my absolute, true authentic self. I feel like I fallen into being too concerned with keeping up with the virtual Jones and I haven’t allowed myself to be what I truly am.

6. Grow more veg – This year my landlord is promising to redo the yard and build raised beds in the back for us and our upstairs neighbor. In years past we’ve grown tomatoes, chilis and herbs in pots on our deck. When my husband and I had a plot in a community garden, we also grew lettuce, kale, beets, carrots, cucumbers, peas and radishes. This year I’d like to try potatoes, borlotti beans, radicchio, cauliflower and garlic in addition to almost everything else that I listed. It’s getting time to start planning what we want to plant and order seeds!

7. Wear more bold fashion – I’m not talking about dressing like Anna Dello Russo, but for me this would mean wearing a bright color or a print. Basically stepping outside of my comfort zone of jeans, a grey tee and boots. Although there is nothing wrong with that look, I would just like to push myself more! I love fashion and often want to try things, but often I find myself holding back and not having the guts to walk out of the house. So once a month, I want to wear something that pushes my boundaries.

8. Make a quilt – This goal is pretty self explanatory. By the end of January, I want to have posted my quilt inspirations for the next quilt.

9. Create more – I call myself an artist, but I have been suffering from artist block on-and-off for the past few years. It’s frustrating! I’ve done the Artist’s Way and yet I still have many blocks. I do have a few projects lingering that need to be finished, so I need to schedule in the time to complete. First up, finish the Chicago flag quilt that I am making for my husband, Toby. I started it in June for his birthday in July and it hasn’t been completed. My goal is to finish it by the end of February. Even better would be if I can get it done by our anniversary on February 15th.

10. Make eclairs – I LOVE eclairs! They are quite possibly my favorite dessert! When my brothers and I were growing up, my Mom let us pick what we wanted for our birthday dessert and she would make it. Lots of times we all chose eclairs. I’ve never made them before and this year I want to make them! My goals is to make them for Valentine’s day.

11. Redecorate our bedroom – My husband, Toby, and I have wanted a bigger bed for many years. He is 6’2” and often his feet will be dangling off our queen size bed. Plus we have two cats that love to hog the bed. So bigger is the way to go! Although our bedroom is kind of small, so if we move up to a King it might literally turn into a BEDroom. I love interior design and decorating rooms, but sometimes choice overwhelms me, so it would be really nice to work with someone to help redecorate this room. If anyone out there is interested in collaborating on redecorating my bedroom, let’s talk!

12. Make Art Farm a catalyst to lead a better life! – In November, I took a Blogging Your Way course taught by Holly Becker who runs decor8. It was an amazing course and I learned so much. Something that Holly mentioned in one of her lessons was using your blog as a reason to lead a better life. It really stuck with me. Instead of staying home and watching tv or ODing on beauty YouTube videos, get out there and try something new. Visit a new design store. Meet other bloggers. Go to the Art Institute, MCA and the Cultural Center. All of these experiences will be great content for Art Farm.

WHEW! That’s a lot to work on and do in a year! Do you make goals or resolutions? What are you planning for your 2014? Happy New Year, readers!!

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  1. Such a great advice and I love your list! You totally made me crave eclairs now…Hmm..I might make some this week. Btw: I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, my lovely. xoxo

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