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Lou & Grey

Have you seen Loft’s newish casual line Lou & Grey? My friend Devon just hipped me to it and I’m totally in love. The color palette is mostly muted neutrals (grey, white, cream, black and navy) with lots of stripes thrown in. The materials used include a lot of linen and cotton. The shapes and style is modern, yet simple. Check it out!


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July Wishlist


July has been a bit of a slow month in the motivation and inspiration departments, which is why I’ve been quite lax with my posting. After a good conversation with my friend Danny, it gave me the good kick up the ass I needed to sit down and start typing. Sometimes we need breaks to clear our heads and decide what matters most of us. I need to stop over-thinking, worrying about perfection and just put myself out there. Try something new and maybe fail, but at least I tried. And if I don’t have anything to say, that’s ok too!

1. and 6. I’m calling this the #viviannadoesmakeupeffect. I feel she and I have a pretty similar style (lots of black, simple, modern). This Zara sweater will be perfect for the summer, especially with the summer polar vortex we’re experiencing this week. I love the color of this Whistles handbag. I watched Anna’s What’s in My Handbag video over the weekend immediately said, “I want that!” in my best Southern accent when I saw this beautiful blue bag.

2. Over the 4th of July weekend Toby and I traveled with Grand Marais, Minnesota. Along our drive we kept on seeing field after field of purple lupines (or lupin in Europe). I’ve never seen them growing wild before. They are just spectacular looking. Now I want my garden filled to the brim with them.

3. I took my friend Brooke to the Chicago Diptyque store  (which is a gorgeously designed space, by the way) to shop for her wedding fragrance. While she was testing a few scents out, I beelined it to test Geranium Odorata. Love it, love it, love it! A floral scent, but nothing granny about it at all. The sales assistant was very helpful and very generous with the samples. I want to go back and pick up a bottle.

4. I discovered Isaac Nichols’s work through Bri and started stalking his instagram feed for shop updates. I totally fell in love with his bathing ladies who are majorly nipping out. I snapped up one recently and it just puts the biggest smile on my face whenever I look at it. Now I want more. I love the green leaf suit and of course the nude with tan lines!

5. This Mod Upholstered Bed has Katie written all over it. It’s grey, minimal and the perfect mid-century shape. I also love that the corners are curved. Perfect for when you’re stumbling in the dark and bang your shin against the corner of the bed. Why don’t more designers do this? It’s just a beauty of a bed and everything that I’m looking for. Nicely done, West Elm.

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Waxing vs. Shaving


Recently my good friend Brooke and I were talking about leg hair removal. We both shave our legs, but she told me when she studied abroad in Spain she found out most Spanish women waxed their legs. Each nationality looked at the other weird. Brooke thought her host sisters were crazy to constantly deal with the pain of waxing and she said they looked at her crazy for having to constantly shave and deal with any nicks and cuts. It got me thinking, is how we remove our leg hair based on where we live? So I thought I would do an informal poll. Do you shave or wax your legs and where do you live?

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Eau de Beach Babe


After my annual mole/skin check at the dermatologist yesterday, I popped into Sephora to pick up a couple things. While I was there I sprayed some Tom Ford Neroli Portofino. It is the most heavenly scent and immediately transported me to the beach. It’s like beach babe in a bottle. All the scents below have the perfect beach scent, slightly of suntan lotion but a bit more complex. They will all make you smell like a total beach babe even if all you’re doing is headed to the office.


1. Estee Lauder Bronzed Goddess 2. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino 3. & 4. Bobbi Brown Beach (now available in rollerball)

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Reviving your powder make-up

I learned this trick from a make-up artist and it’s a good one for all powder products. Have you ever noticed that after using your blush or eyeshadow you’re not getting as much color out of it? This happens from oil build up on the powder. Think about it. You dip your brush into your blush (that’s a bit of a tongue twister), put it on your face and repeat over and over. Your brush will transfer oils from your face onto your blush and overtime time there’s a build up and you don’t get as much color. But there’s an easy fix! My make-up artist friend used a popsicle stick, but I didn’t have any so I used a butter knife. Just lightly scrap the surface of your powder product and it will remove the oil build up. Voila! It’s back to new!